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Wraps Within Reach

Are you not sure you should go through the process of getting a car wrap? Other than the obvious reason of continual branding and advertising your business while building credibility within the communities you do business, we’ve got some good reasons why wrapping your car is a solid decision:

  1. Cost: First and foremost, car wraps are a lot cheaper than paint jobs. You can rock a nice new color and logo of your business for a fraction of what a full paint job would cost.
  2. Options: They’re endless! Try a color they don’t offer in factory paint. Place a business logo front and center or pick a design that’s unique to you.
  3. Time: Compared to the time it takes to complete a full paint job, you’ll have your car back and looking good in no time. A full paint job can take weeks, a full wrap job takes between 3 to 5 days.
  4. Resale Value: A potential buyer might not like the flames you’ve got shooting down your panels or your business logo emblazoned on the hood of the car. Wraps keep the original paint job intact underneath which will retain the resale value.
  5. Protection: The wrap acts as a shield for the original coat of paint underneath. No need to worry about chips, scratches, or other weather-related stress.
  6. Low Maintenance: No waxing needed! Just a quick wash with soap and water will have your car sparkling like new.
  7. Long Lasting: A good wrap job lasts for years and is easily removable whenever you’re feeling like a change or are looking to put your car on the market. Limited sun exposure will ensure less risk of fading and your wrap can be safely removed between the 4 to 10 year mark.


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