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How One Company and a Bunch of T’s Made 500K

We recently came across an article written by Sujan Patel, of Single Grain, a Cali-based marketing company. Even though his company eats, sleeps, and dreams digital marketing, he confesses that the main way he grew his brand recognition and marketed his company was old-school. Handing out T’s with his logo on it. In fact, he claims […]

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The Gift that Gives Back

We just finished up a large order of hoodies for NAPA and guess what they do with them? They give them away to their customers! This is an awesome way for businesses to show they appreciate their customers while getting some free marketing at the same time. This is perfect for the holiday season. Buying in bulk […]

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Insert Here: Your Business Anywhere

Get ready for some real-life product placement. How many times have you seen some blockbuster film with advertising so blatant it’s almost insulting? Remember Wilson from Cast Away? Or Herbie in The Love Bug? The absurd amount of apple products in just about any movie or tv-show isn’t there just to annoy us. It’s been […]

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