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Chester, VT 05143

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margaret-vincentMargaret Vincent


Hailing from Long Island, NY, Margaret has been a large part of the Vermont T’s team since 2009. She does a little bit of everything around here, printing, embroidery, business running things, etc. She enjoys the family atmosphere and mentality of our crew and workplace as well as the flexible schedule.

More about Margaret: She is surprisingly good at threading a needle while holding a baby, her biggest accomplishment is getting all three kids out of the house on time with matching socks, and in her free time she takes the kids on outdoor adventures.

john-koopJohn Koop

Supafly Art Guy

John is originally from Minnesota. He’s been with us, doing arts, since 2006. He enjoys the small group atmosphere we’ve got going on around here. “We gotta pull the oars together.” He’s been known to say.

More about John: He is surprisingly good at picking the right font, his biggest accomplishment was when he quit smoking. During his free time he power kites on skis.

kat-andersonKat Anderson

Production Manager

Raised right here in New England, Kat has been with us for about 20 years. She coordinates all orders, supplies, clients, coworkers, and everything else that keep us functioning, not to mention she’ll throw her hat in the screen printing ring when she’s needed. What she likes most about the work she does is sending customers off satisfied with their orders.

More about Kat: She is surprisingly good at organizing and multitasking, in her free time she hangs out with her dogs, goes for walks in the sunshine (during the warm part of the year), dances, gardens, and spends time with her friends and family. To become Kat’s best friend, all you have to do is be loyal, nonjudgmental, and feel that life is too short to worry about what everyone else is doing (as long as it’s not hurting anyone – that includes animals!)

pheobe-dogPheobe Dog

Floor Manager

Pheobe has been an essential part of the crew since 2015. She greets customers, keeps the floor clear of food scraps, sleeps, and checks up on her human co-workers to make sure they’re getting their work done. Her favorite part of the job is getting treats.

More about Pheobe: She is surprisingly good at ‘spin around and stay’, in her free time she sleeps in the sun, goes for walks, and chews on toys. Her favorite food is human food.