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Get ready for some real-life product placement. How many times have you seen some blockbuster film with advertising so blatant it’s almost insulting? Remember Wilson from Cast Away? Or Herbie in The Love Bug? The absurd amount of apple products in just about any movie or tv-show isn’t there just to annoy us. It’s been proven that the more we see something, even if we don’t even remember it, the more familiar with it we become.

Many companies have taken this to heart, which is why you’ll see a companies name on everything from pens and mugs to chapstick and frisbees. Even if someone doesn’t end up buying your product or service they have still acquired name recognition. They might mention it in passing to a friend who does become a customer. You can use this to your advantage by screen printing or embroidering t-shirts with your business information. Take it one step further by branding hats, umbrellas, magnets, and just about anything else. Vermont T’s has you covered.