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Matching Apparel

Is your business missing something? Are you looking for more exposure at an affordable price? Getting employee apparel could be the boost you need. Inspire an atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation with matching duds and cement your brand in the process. We’ll print on anything from aprons to your classic t-shirts and hats. Stop in or call for more information, in the meantime check out this list employee apparel benefits.

  1. Create an attractive business image – Because let’s face it, some of your employees’ style choices are questionable for multiple reasons.
  2. Promote your brand/free advertising – Whether on the work site or stopping for gas on the way to work, your brand will be seen.
  3. Improve customer relations – Customer like it when can immediately know who can help them without having to ask everyone in the vicinity “Do you work here?”
  4. Foster team spirit/builds a sense of belonging and pride of work – When you wear a uniform, you’re usually on a team, when you’re on a team, you’re usually working hard to win. Make your employees teammates, and win the business tournament. Note – pizza parties also help foster team spirit… just saying.
  5. Employee benefit/perk – Not just because they’re getting free clothes, but they also don’t have to decide what to wear to work. (If you’re into that low-maintenance lifestyle.)
  6. Improve security – Pick out imposters in areas they don’t belong.
  7. Protect workers – Before designing your apparel, think about what they do. Are bright colors important so they will be easily seen by motorized vehicles? What about flame resistance? Does the workplace get really hot or cold? Are baggy or loose-fitting articles of clothing potentially hazardous?
  8. Look as awesome as you are – no description needed.


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